CULTURAL TOURISM is defined as: “visits by persons living outside of the host city, motivated wholly or in part by interest in historical, artistic, musical or lifestyle/heritage offerings of a community group or institution through a formalized / packaged and managed presentation that ideally results in an overnight stay in the host city, thereby impacting the economy and tourism industry of the host city.”

Through a stable source of funding for cultural tourism program development, expansion, and marketing, the ACTC will:

  • Attract incremental tourists to Arlington
  • Diversify Arlington’s tourism offerings
  • Enrich and cultivate Arlington’s arts and cultural assets
  • Establish Arlington as a premier cultural tourism destination
  • Enhance Arlington’s quality of life
  • Increase Arlington’s appeal to attract new long-term investment into the community

Program Goals

Cultural tourism grants must be used to implement arts and culture based tourism projects designed to attract cultural tourists. Grants may support:

  • Programs designed to generate incremental tourism activity in the city of Arlington
  • Target marketing for arts and cultural activities designed to attract or engage visitors from outside a 50 mile radius of the city of Arlington
  • The development of packages or special promotions for arts or cultural tourism activities
  • The development of new programs/events for arts and cultural activities
  • Projects related to existing or potential cultural tourism programs/events with the intent of increasing cultural tourism activity in the city of Arlington
  • The preservation of historical tourism