The Downtown Arlington Cultural Arts Grant

For 2020-2021, there is only one grant application available to apply for: The Downtown Arlington Cultural Arts Grant.

The Downtown Arlington Cultural Arts Grants strives to provide relatively equitable sustaining grants to organizations that meet the prescribed grant eligibility. All funding is subject to year-to-year appropriations based on Arlington City Council funding and priorities. Eligibility for this grant is as follows:

  • Must be a recognized 501 c3 nonprofit organization
  • Engaged exclusively in cultural arts to benefit Arlington
  • Must have a track record of responsible management in Arlington
  • Must have a physical location in the defined area of the Downtown Cultural Arts District
  • Must hold significant annual events in the Downtown Cultural Arts District. The events must be open to the public and cannot be for the purpose of fundraising
  • All grant money must be solely invested in Arlington and the operations of the applying nonprofit organization

Grant submission are currently closed.